Cambridge IGCSE chemistry coursebook

Author : Richard Harwood
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This IGCSE coursebook provides full coverage of the syllabus with study tips. . says :-
More than 400 schools in India are affiliated to the Cambridge IGCSE curriculum. Since, always does it bit in offering information to its users therefore, you must know that IGCSE stands for International General Certificate of Secondary Education. IGCSE was formed in 1988 by the Cambridge University of the United Kingdom. There’s a local saying that if you want your kids to get education of international level then enroll him/her in schools affiliated to Cambridge IGCSE. The curriculum really offers programme for the better development of students basically which targets expansion of mind and inculcation of ever lasting keenness to learn, learn and learn. If you’re a student who studies in an IGCSE school and is looking to buy textbooks of the same then you’re at the right place, hit the ‘contact owner’ button above in order to buy this IGCSE book Cambridge IGCSE chemistry coursebook at 20% discount.

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