Physics course companion for IBDP

Author : David Homer, Michael Bowen-Jon
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This book is in the best possible condition and is brand new. This book supports both the HL and SL syllabus. . says :-
The Oxford IB Diploma programme runs in schools in over 140 countries for children of age group 16 -19. In a country like India where the majority of schools are either affiliated to state boards of education or CBSE, the books needed in IB diploma programme are rarely available unless they are bought from a student of the same selling those in the online used bookstore of So, if you're into IBDP then buying this second hand book – Physics course companion for IBDP at a discount of 20% can save you a lot of money. The book is in the best possible condition as communicated by the book owner and is available for sale in Bengaluru

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