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Used coaching modules for jee advanced in a very good condition.

bx-zone.com says :-
Many students can’t keep up with the pace of the faculty member of the coaching institutes.They get discouraged because their doubts don’t get solved on time as there is 1 faculty member catering to hundreds of students in a batch. Like all fingers are not the same so are all the faculty members. Only a few faculty members understand the importance of going deep within the doubts of each and every student and not rush towards finishing the IIT JEE syllabus. This leads to many students deciding to do self study for IIT JEE. The next question then arises is how to prepare for IIT without coaching? I want to say that you can crack IIT JEE without coaching, all you need is commitment and some tips of self study for IIT JEE. I will provide the self study tips for IIT JEE in steps here – 1) first, don"t believe that there is a risk in doing IIT JEE preparation on your own. Yes, it will seem to be psychologically more difficult because there won"t be a teacher in physical form but, believe me, it is much better than paying in coaching classes and getting discouraged there. 2) Analyze the IIT JEE syllabus thoroughly, single out all the topics which are important and which need more focus. In short, know the IIT JEE syllabus in and out. 3) Prepare a routine to study. Create deadlines for the topics and create a plan B because there will always be backlogs. Do everything in your capacity to stick to your routine because that is where the success lies. 4) Get a good study material like ‘IITians Pace coaching module" at a discount. You can get it from an online used bookstore like bx-zone at a good discount. 5) You can't afford to ignore the NCERT textbooks even if you have a good IIT JEE study material. A large proportion of the JEE mains paper is from the NCERT textbooks. 6) Practice a lot of questions on each topic you study from the study material. Consider practicing IIT level questions of varying difficulty from the study material as the backbone of your preparation. 7) Once you study the concepts and start solving the questions, doubts will arise. You can ask them in the IIT forums or Quora. Every problem and its solution is on Google, so if you search properly then all your doubts will be resolved on the internet. A lot of IITians have started their Youtube channels related to the JEE mains and Advanced exams, so consider subscribing to them. They will be more than happy if you ask them your doubts in the comments section. 8) Once you have practiced enough questions the next step in the self study for IIT JEE is to test your understanding. You can enroll in the test series of one of the top IIT JEE institutes of India now. Check your AIR in those IIT JEE mock tests and you will get an idea of where do you stand. 9) Now, you need to look into the JEE previous year's question papers. Solve them thoroughly. You must touch JEE mains and JEE advanced solved papers of at least 6 years. 10) The final step is to do the revision. Revision is the most important step. It will unravel a lot of mysterious concepts. The topics which were earlier partially clear to you will now be completely absorbed by you. The revision will unleash the magic of your mind and your hard work. After the 10th step, you will be full of confidence and set a precedent that self study for IIT JEE works. Success is in your hands now, all you have to do is to follow the above-mentioned self-study tips for IIT JEE diligently.

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