Wings Of Fire

Author : Arun Tiwari
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Mr. APJ Abdul Kalam will always be with us in form of this book..... says :-
If you’ve a dream then you’re lucky because you’re clear what you have to do in your life. One thing which you can do to support your dream is that you study the efforts and work of some of the greatest, influential people of this world. One such person is the great APJ Abdul Kalam whose life is a treasure in which you’ll find nothing but gold. Wings of fire by APJ Abdul Kalam is one such book which is a mandatory read for dreamers, it holds the entire life of Kalam from the time when was a kid until the time he became a space scientist. A person of caliber as high as Kalam had to face several hardships on his journey to become a Scientist and then the president of India. Known as the missile man of India, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam has been a true patriot and Wings of fire will be nothing but a source of inspiration for you once you buy it at a discount of 60% from the used book store.

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