German for Beginners

Author : Amburkar Vittal Rao
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It contains German lessons and the English translations. It is, moreover, linked to ten audio lessons on the Internet.. says :-
There are multiple advantages of learning new languages especially foreign languages, first of all, not many people do it so you become an emitter of rare talent. German is one such foreign language which is in demand. There are many folks who can learn it from you because in order to get a job in Germany or even you can get a job in Germany, but learning a new language, especially German is not easy. Basic level can be achieved within few months but to be an expert in the language it may take years. So, why not start it with the lowest investment at the beginner level with this book German for Beginners. I suggest you to first read German for beginners, gain some confidence, and then enroll in some German classes or simpler, start watching German learning videos. This book will teach you German basic grammar as well as many day to day sentences used by Germans. A classic book to learn German. The best part about this book is that it includes a link to 10 german audio lessons available for free for you. The book German for Beginners is available at a discount of 50%, at a modest price of Rs 49. This is a one-time cost to gain a book that acts as a basic German course for you. Compare it with any other course of German language and you’ll find it much cheaper. Therefore, it’s time to ignite a spark inside you to learn something new with a book that provides you lessons of German language with English translations. Few other used books in this genre includes NETZWERK A1.

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