Concept modules and dpps for iit jee

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It contains all the modules and dpps of class 11 &12. It is in brand new condition & at a very cheap rate. These modules are very good and definitely enhance your iit jee preparation. . says :- is a house of second hand textbooks and study material of various competitive examinations and is extremely rich in providing you second hand iit jee study material at deep discounts be it aakash iit jee study material or motion IIT JEE study material. You’re going to find all of them here because there are students who have used them for 2 years, wrote their iit jee exam, cracked it, got into the IITs and now they want to give away their study material at nominal charges. One beautiful thing the iit jee study material of any institute carries, it’s the iit jee question papers. There are always students who on our Instagram or Facebook profiles ask for last 20 years IIT JEE question papers, some are very specific to ask iit jee last year question papers with solutions, we redirect all of them to our used bookstore because there the students find treasure of books of IIT JEE, study material, iit jee mains question paper 2019 as well as iit jee question paper of 1997, the point is that it is full of question papers with solutions of so many previous years. There is another variety of question papers which I came to know after interacting with various IIT JEE toppers, those are DPPs, the full form is daily practice paper of IIT JEE. So, in various reputed institutes of IIT JEE when a concept or a chapter is taught, a sheet full of questions is given to the students, which they say, are a little tougher than the actual JEE questions; these sheets of questions specific to a particular chapter are called as daily practice paper which are available in this listing going by the name Concept modules and dpps for iit jee at a discount of 59%. If you’re relying on self-studies rather than joining an institute then you will need these daily practice papers of IIT JEE and at this price you can surely buy them with a smile.

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