Problem Solving in Science

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A fun resource that promotes scientific thinking and creative problem solving. says :-
Imagine a world without wheel, imagine a world without dams, or bridges, and imagine a world without satellites which leads to no television, no Netflix, and no smartphones. In 21st century we cannot imagine ourselves without these building blocks of daily life which Science has given us. Corona pandemic has taught us how important telephones and internet are in this era. Without them we would not have been able to talk to our loved ones or chat with them on Whatsapp. So many people already lost their jobs and without the work from home facility which is possible only through the internet many more would have lost their jobs which would have led to mass panic. All this has been possible through Science. ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’ – this proverb was realized by few smart people and thus they did inventions. The fruits of these inventions we enjoy today. These smart people didn’t get afraid of the problems rather they improved their ability of problem solving in science. Only by conducting several problem solving science experiments, success came to them. How many times Graham Bell would have failed before he came up with a working model of a telephone? Imagine how many problem solving experiments he would have done. Coming back to this era, I believe that teachers must adapt the problem solving method in Science teaching. They must encourage students to do experiments. This will force them to learn Science by thinking over the solution of problems and become innovators. This will develop in them an attitude of problem solving in Science. Only then, the theoretical knowledge printed in Science books will do the right justice. There are many books in the market which help students to construct problem solving strategies in Science. brings for you one of those Problem Solving in Science book which goes by the same title available at a discount of 20%. The bookseller guarantees that this book will help you develop scientific thinking.

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