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Well maintained ,helpful for jee aspirants,concept enhancing book.

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Every time I think of an electromagnet I feel like it is magical. A natural magnet itself seemed like a marvel to me when I encountered it for the first time as a 6 year old kid. When the magnetism is taught first in school, a lot of students listen to the lectures with open ears. The topic is so interesting. Students feel delight in knowing that the real power behind the attraction property of a magnet is electrically charged particles. So, the magnetic field which puts an attraction/repulsion force on the objects is indeed moving electrically charged particles. You know that the magnet gets attached to other objects which are mostly metals like iron, but do you know which other metals also behave like a magnet when placed in the magnetic field? They are nickel and cobalt. What makes the magnetism phenomenon more interesting is the electromagnet. You can create a magnet by using a battery, copper wire and a nail. All you have to do is wrap the copper wire around the nail and pass current through it using the battery. The nail with wire wrapped around will behave as an electromagnet now but only for the time you pass current through it. It is really some cool science. I remember to have requested my science teacher to give us a practical demonstration of the classic statement ‘like poles repel each other and unlike poles attract each other’. She was kind enough to have brought two bar magnets and made us do the experiment. It was one of my first science experiments and was nothing less than fun. Magnetism extends itself to IIT JEE exam. Since it is an interesting topic hence students have fun preparing Magnetism for IIT JEE. For such an important topic from the perspective of IIT JEE, you may feel the need of exclusive preparation. So, getting your hands on the magnetism IIT JEE notes or books is a good idea. If you are interesting in buying any books on Magnetism in IIT JEE then you will find notes as well as books in the second hand bookstore of bx-zone.com like this book IIT JEE MAGNETISM AND EMI, available for you at a discount of 53%. It is written by B.M. Sharma, is well maintained by the bookseller and will prove its worth especially when you want to take your understanding of magnetism for IIT JEE to the next level.

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