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Fiitjee Modules Approximately 60 ,made by extremely talented and highly qualified teachers ,in a great comdition and will help you in IIT JEE and beyond... says :-
If you are stepping into the IIT JEE world for the first time then it is obvious to have this question of ‘what is fiit jee?’ It is one of the top iit jee institutes in India which take the onus of preparing you for the IIT JEE mains and IIT JEE advanced exams. How is fiit jee study material? When an institute like FIITJEE reaches to the top, there are 2 things which are mainly responsible. First, its faculty members and second its study material. I consider FIIT JEE iit study material as one of the best study material to prepare from. Also, while doing the FIITJEE IIT study material diligently another question which pops in the mind of focused students is ‘Is FIIT JEE study material sufficient for IIT?’ The answer is more than enough. The fiit jee student module provides you theoretical concepts, large number of questions of different levels to practice and also JEE previous years question papers to know the IIT JEE exam pattern. Doesn’t it cover everything? One important thing you must keep in mind is not to skip even a single fiit jee test. The fiitjee test result determines where you stand before the exams. You must strive to improve in every upcoming test even if the improvement is of 1 mark. Constant small improvements in every test will yield much bigger results later. This will definitely increase your confidence and will make you familiar with the IIT exam pattern. Also, if you are one of those jee aspirants who believe in themselves and who are motivated enough to prepare for the JEE exam without coaching then you must have the fiit jee modules on your study table. All of which is available in the used bookstore of at a discount.

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