Che Guevara

Author : Richard L Harris
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Ernesto Guevara de la serna better known as Che Guevara was an Argentine revolutionist who played a vital role in liberating Cuba along with the revolutionist Fidel Castro. He was born in Argentina and dreamt to be a doctor. At a young age of 24 he travelled across the entire South America only to discover the pains and sufferings of the commoners which then stimulated him to be a revolutionist. More than this if I told you then you wouldn’t enjoy this book which is available at a discount of 49% in the city of Pune. Che Guevara history is worth reading and this book does complete justice in telling you all about this great revolutionary figure. After you finish reading this book, you’ll realize that such great figures are not born everyday but once in a few decades. Ernesto was born with a disability but he not only survived it but overcame it to become a great revolutionary. The Che Guevara story is very interesting right from the time when he was born up to the time when he died as God himself has written it. Only a not-so-good thing I have come across is that people have commercialized this great revolutionary figure and that is why you often see his Che Guevara poster on a t shirt but know very less of him. This book available at such a cool discount will not only tell you a lot about his personal life, but his successes, and failures, his gains and sacrifices.

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