Martin Luther King Jr

Author : Robert Burns
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One of the best books giving insight into the life of this great man. says :-
“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that” – this is one of my favourite quotes by one of the best influential people of all time – Martin Luther king Jr. Martin Luther king jr accomplishments are invaluable, he dedicated his entire life to the uplifting of African-American in the United states of America. It is because of him that peace has not lost its magnitude at a greater scale when it comes to race, the discrimination of which is an act of horrendous immorality which prevailed for a long time in America. Martin Luther King Jr ‘I have a dream’ speech delivered in the year 1963 called for same civil and economic rights for the African-Americans living in the United states which also implied an end to the racial discrimination in the entire country. This speech inspired millions and is still widely regarded as a source of instant motivation among masses irrespective of the problems they are facing. Martin Luther King Jr was also a preacher from a young age and was an avid books reader too. He was very inspired by the ideals of MK Gandhi and thus, took the path of non-violence in order to achieve his accomplishments. He was a born leader, a revolutionary born to bring in a permanent change in the mindset of the people of America. Here’s a link to Martin Luther King Jr’s famous speech of 1963, you can’t just afford to miss it. The Martin Luther King Jr story is an inspiration to millions of people in the world and we must strive that his achievements never fade from the minds of the people of the world, therefore, this book over here is a must read for you, not only you should read it but you must pass this book on to someone else so that his glory spreads and his ideals reinvigorate among the masses.

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