Soft Skills For Business

Author : Urmila Rai, S.M. Rai
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BBM 3rd Semester, Bangalore University. Book is in mint condition. 50% off on the original price.. says :-
There is a saying in IT industry – ‘if you have got good technical skills, you are going to go ahead but if you got soft skills you’re going to go way ahead’. This saying itself corroborates how important soft skills in business are for any individual. Even the billionaire Warren Buffet had to enroll in a Dale Carnegie soft skills training class in order to be good at it and the results are indescribable. I am sure this corroborates a lot to the soft skills importance in any kind of business big or small. So what soft skills are? Which specific area you need to focus upon in order to develop soft skills for business or at job. Well, soft skills, as per my experience, involves dealing with people properly in the best possible manner so that when it is needed you convince them to accept your point, most of the time you allow them to speak to listen properly, accept their point when required and be assertive when you’re right. I didn’t go by the bookish definition but told you the soft skills meaning in very simple words. Well, if you’re already an MBA or a BBA student then you wouldn’t agree more on the soft skills importance in business and you would know in proper amount how good soft skills on resume look. Coming to the point, soft skills in business can be learnt from books as well which is why there are so many books by Dale Carnegie. But, this book over here is also a vital one in case you want to be good at jobs and business. Buy it from at a discount of 47% in the city of Bengaluru.

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