Author : Gregory David Roberts
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Very very good read, Totally inspiring. very good condition. no page torn. says :-
Shantaram is the fiction work of Gregory Roberts in which the Protagonist is a convicted felon of robberies sentenced for a long time, who gets to break away from the prison. The protagonist, somehow ends up in Mumbai and thus, goes through a chain of events which involves living in a slum, helping people, doing community service and many more. There have been many cases in history when the bad has turned good due to events leading to a change of heart, well you can say, you will find the same perspective in Shantaram. The books store of brings Shantaram for you at a discount 41% which this gracious book seller of bx-zone is offering in the city of New Delhi. If you’re looking for a weekend read then we recommend you to read Shantaram, clearly it’s not a bad deal to dedicate a Saturday to this second hand book at such a great deal.

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