IIT JAM chemistry

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Total syllabus coverage with unit wise solved papers and previous years model papers a set of 6 books,very new in condition..

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If you are one of the students who live and breathe Science and want to make a prosperous career in Science then IIT JAM is the exam for you. The IIT JAM exam is conducted by the Indian institute of technology for the students who want to pursue masters of Science. By clearing the IIT JAM entrance exam, students take admission in the Indian institute of Science for integrated PhD programs. One of the subjects in which the IIT JAM exam assesses you is Chemistry. Like JEE mains and JEE advanced exams, questions from all three sections of chemistry – Organic chemistry, physical chemistry and inorganic chemistry are asked in the IIT JAM exam. Especially, the students who have adapted the self-study measure face the challenge of how to prepare for IIT JAM chemistry. Let me tell you that with commitment and positive attitude you can overcome this challenge. It is not as difficult as it looks. There are six components of a successful IIT JAM chemistry preparation – 1) Analyzing the syllabus, 2) Studying the concepts with doubts cleared 3) Practice questions of the concepts 4) Practice questions of advanced level of all the concepts, 5) Write Mock tests and previous years IIT JAM papers 6) Revise. Once you have managed your time around these five components and you complete all of them a week before your exam then nobody can stop you from getting into the Indian Institute of Sciences. While you analyze the syllabus of IIT Jam chemistry you need to single out the active topics. Work more on the active topics which are important from the perspective of the exam. These topics are more difficult than others hence, students often prepare first the passive topics. A lot of precious time gets wasted there. This is a very healthy tip. Some of the active topics which hold more importance in the IIT JAM chemistry paper are Basic concepts in Organic chemistry and Stereochemistry, Organic reaction mechanism, chemical bonding and shapes of compounds, Main group elements (S and P block elements), Bioinorganic chemistry, Theory of gases, chemical thermodynamics, Atomic and molecular structure. These are certain example topics which I have given here. To prepare for IIT JAM chemistry you need good books. In addition to them, you need good IIT JAM study material for chemistry too. EdUncle study material is one of the best study material to prepare for IIT JAM exam. It is available for you at a discount of 15% in the city of Mahbubnagar only on bx-zone.com

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