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FIITJEE ARCHIVE's are regarded as one of the best revision tool for Board and JEE( MAINS & ADV). Consists of all previous year questions with solutions. Boosts your preparation to a great extent.. says :-
Fiitjee has got a big name in the world of IIT JEE preparation. Why wouldn"t it be? FIITJEE has got some of the best faculty members working day and night in order to shape the future of students. FIITJEE classroom programs are considered the best because of such faculty members who put in all effort such that the concept reaches the students. One more thing that makes FIITJEE"s name big – its study material for IIT JEE. The FIITJEE study material is designed diligently with a lot of research by the IIT professors and IIT toppers. The study material gives you the best theory per topic to help you absorb the concept and then some of the best questions on those topics to strengthen the concept. One type of FIITJEE study material is FIITJEE archive. The FIITJEE archive book helps you do the revision of the concepts. The students who are enrolled in FIITJEE get these books at a particular time in their curriculum. If you are preparing for IIT JEE without any coaching and need FIITJEE archive then I suggest you pick it up at the time of revision and not before. The FIITJEE archive book provides you IIT JEE questions of previous 35 years for you to solve. If you are preparing for the JEE advanced exam then you will love the subjective questions in the FIITJEE archive JEE advanced book. JEE mains exam has the habit of throwing questions from previous year IIT JEE exams so from the perspective of JEE mains exam, doing FIITJEE JEE main archive book question by question will help a lot. FIITJEE basically provides archive in two sets – FIITJEE main archive and FIITJEE archive JEE advanced. FIITJEE main archive provides 3 books, each of physics, chemistry and mathematics. Similarly, FIITJEE archive JEE advanced set provides you 3 books of physics, chemistry and mathematics. All books in the FIITJEE archive package contain previous year IIT JEE questions of JEE mains, AIEEE(before 2013), JEE advanced exams. After you have done FIITJEE ARCHIVE's CBSE & JEE(MAINS & ADV.) QUESTION BANK you won"t feel the need to solve the JEE previous year question papers because would have already covered the previous year IIT JEE questions. For those students who are seeking to secure a good AIR i.e. less than 5000 must have this package on their table. If you want to buy FIITJEE ARCHIVE's CBSE & JEE(MAINS & ADV.) QUESTION BANK then has it for you available at a discount of 61%, all you got to do is hit the button above.

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