Author : Phil Knights
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This is must read book for avid readers who wants to become an businessman . says :-
A young entrepreneur borrowed some money in order to buy shoes imported from Japan and started selling them In America from the trunk of a van. This small company founded by this young entrepreneur generated $8000 as revenue in its first year. ‘Shoe Dog the book’ is about the journey of this company and the young entrepreneur who started it. Now, I won’t mess around with you any further and will reveal the name of the company. So, my friend, this company is better known as ‘Nike’ and the man who started it is Phil Knight. The shoe dog book is all about Nike, the dream of a young lad which when, fuelled by passion, made this company into one of the top most sports goods brand in the world. So, if you got dreams of being big, be it in any field then this 386 pages book is totally for you. I bet once you read it you won’t stop thinking about it. The Shoe Dog book review on good reads is smashing 4.5/5, which proves how much this book has been loved in the world. In order to tap the hidden potential or passion inside you, it is must to read inspirational stories and shoe dog – a memoir by the creator of Nike – is one such inspirational real life story which tells its readers about the company's evolution from a dream to most profitable reality. has more than one copy of Shoe Dog for you to offer more choices.

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