Select Modern Governments

Author : V.D.Mahajan
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ISBN 81 219 0439 0 For Public administration and Political Science students.Currently this book is in demand and price above 400. Hard cover and no damage. Just like new one. says :-
There is a huge career for the political science students in the world’s largest democracy – India. In fact, there is a dire need of political science students. There so many jobs for political science students in the country, the entire bureaucracy, the four pillars of democracy, executive, legislative, judiciary and press have so many vacancies for the worthy political science students and those of public administration. In my view, the importance of political science to students is such that it should be introduced as a subject in school in addition to moral science as I truly believe that this subject produces leaders. Now, if you are opting to build a career in political science or studying public administration for UPSC then having the right book on your study table is most important. ‘Select Modern Governments’ is one such book which will help you on your path to success while pursuing political science or public administration for UPSC. The bookseller has assured that the book is in good shape and is just like a new one. The bookseller has also confirmed that the book is in high demand and I am sure as this book seeker you will be also knowing the importance of it. This book is available at a great discount of 7% much lesser than what is available in the market and is available in the great city of Chennai. All you have to do is hit the ‘contact owner’ button above and an email will be sent to the used bookseller. Also, if you have upsc used books to sell and you’re wondering where can I find a book seller near me? Then you’re at the correct place right now, just hit the ‘sell my books’ option and list your books in the only people’s used bookstore of India.

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