Author : Rick Riordan
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HEROES OF OLYMPUS is the continuation of The Percy Jackson series with new characters and demigods and unravelling new mysteries .This book is the continuation of Heroes of Olympus - the Sun of Neptune.

bx-zone.com says :-
Ever interested in demigods? If yes, then this book HEROES OF OLYMPUS -THE MARK OF ATHENA should be in your book shelf. This fiction is the 3rd in the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series and is famous widely among the audiences which enjoy reading Greek and Roman mythological characters. This book HEROES OF OLYMPUS -THE MARK OF ATHENA is actually about Greek and Roman demigods uniting for a cause. The entire Heroes of Olympus series is awesome and a pleasure to read. Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Piper Mclean, Thalia Grace, Tyson are some of the heroes of Olympus characters created by Rick Riordan who put action, humour and adventure in every heroes of Olympus book and make this fantasy fiction very interesting to read. Available at a discount of 49% in Davanagere on sale second hand in the used books store.

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