P.S. I love you

Author : Cecelia Ahern
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bx-zone.com says :-
There are few novels which can make you cry and inspire you at the same time. I believe when you are reading a book it should impact you in a positive manner. When a romantic novel brings tears in the eyes, the heart loses its burden. All the stress from work or school vanishes away when a good romantic novel is in the hands. In fact, when I first started the novel I am going to write about in this blog I would wait to get back home from school and get my hands on it. One of the best romantic novels to read is ‘PS I love you’. I recommend it as one of the best must read romantic novels which reached a cult status after its release. It grabbed the No 1 position as the bestseller novel for nineteen weeks in Ireland. In fact, it became a best seller in United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, Netherlands, apart from Ireland. The storyline of P.S. I love you book does justice to its bestselling status which it achieved and kept for so many weeks. ‘PS I love you’ is a story of a couple who are madly in love with each other. Like every other couple they also get involved in wrangling and arguments. Things take a sharp turn when the husband dies of a brain tumor. The wife becomes dejected after the death of her husband. While she grieves she finds her in a socially cut-off zone. But she sees a ray of hope when her mother informs her of a package containing 10 letters written by her late husband. In fact, the husband addressed the letters to her on purpose to bring her back to life, one for each month. Each letter of her husband provides her inspiration and motivation. This all leads to a happy ending which I won’t spoil for you. Isn’t the plot intriguing? The story pulls you in and that’s what make it as one of the bestseller novels of all time. If you want to read P.S. I love you by buying it second hand then hit the contact owner button above.

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