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The official guide to GRE is the best book for gre preparation . says :-
What is the GRE exam? Well, the full form of GRE is graduate record examinations but I see the GRE exam as a place where American dreams get triggered. It is the most prestigious examination to get an MS degree from the reputed universities of the United States and Canada plus also get a dream job in companies like Tesla, Amazon, Microsoft, Google etc. It is the gateway to work in the United States, buy a home in the hills or near the woods where your kids can learn to ride the bike freely. The GRE exam is conducted in almost 160 countries and is one of the biggest assessment programmes of the world. The GRE exam fee has been increased to 213$ recently. If the aspirant, by any chance, decides to change the exam center then additional fee will be applicable. The GRE exam duration is close to 3 hours 45 minutes and you can write this exam for two times within a single year. The GRE exam question paper is divided into three sections 1) Analytical writing 2) Verbal Reasoning and 3) Quantitative Reasoning. The test can be either computer based or Paper based and in computer based exam, there is 1 section within Analytical writing, 2 sections within verbal reasoning, and 2 sections within Quantitative reasoning. The GRE exam pattern for the paper based exam has 2 sections within Analytical Writing, 2 sections within Verbal Reasoning and 2 sections within Quantitative reasoning. Now, in order to crack GRE you need hard work and you need some good books for GRE preparation. You also need previous year question papers too. ‘The official guide to the GRE test’ is considered as one of the best books for GRE preparation is recommended by many GRE experts and toppers. It is available for sale at a discount of 60% in the city of Bengaluru and if you are interested in buying it then do not delay further in hitting the ‘contact owner’ button above.

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