Essentials of Management- Ninth edition

Author : Harold Koontz
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book in excellent condition with all the pages intact. says :-
There are five pillars of management – Planning, Organizing, Staffing, leading and controlling; there are many management books which focus on one or two of these areas, but this book essentials of management by Harold Koontz brings content on all these areas under one roof. Management world is constantly changing, with the advent of the internet the barriers to enter businesses are diminishing with each passing day, hence it is essential for the managers to keep themselves updated with the latest changes so they can stay ahead in the competition, this management book in its ninth edition does justice to this requirement of managers as it combines theory with practice. The case studies mentioned in this amazing Harold Koontz book signifies that it teaches effective management and can’t always be considered as the typical management textbook but a book which must be read at any cost by any individual launching his own start-up. I would share some of them here because they look intriguing to me – 1) Transformational leadership of Mother Teresa, 2) Managing human resources at Wal-Mart, 3) Where do Chinese companies recruit?, 4) Pay for performance at Lincoln electric. As you can see, these case studies are attached to the management pillars mentioned above. I am hopeful that these factors now compel you to get your hands on this book, you can do so with pleasure because it is available at a discount of 57% in the store of second hand management books –

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