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Two sayings play an important role during the IIT JEE preparation. One is ‘Excess of everything is bad’ and the second is ‘Choose smart work over hard work’. There is no doubt that in the base of smart work there lies hard work. I had a difficulty in distinguishing between smart work and hard work. I came to understand it later after looking into my mistakes as well as the mistakes my colleagues and friends made. So, while you are designing your strategy for IIT JEE preparation, you need to keep several things in mind. One of my friends’ nephew couldn’t crack the JEE mains exam in the year 2018. When he analyzed his IIT JEE strategy, he realized that he spent way more time than necessary on a particular topic electricity and magnetism. I am talking about the preparation time and not when he was writing the JEE mains paper 2018. As a result of spending too much time on one topic, his preparation got unbalanced. He couldn’t spend enough time on solving the JEE question papers of previous years. One more mistake he did was allotting 5% time to JEE mains solved papers in his IIT JEE preparation strategy. Thus, I believe spending more-than-necessary time on an important topic leads to excess preparation which highlights the first saying. Also, not devising a balanced strategy to crack IIT JEE which involves enough time to solving IIT JEE solved papers is not working smart. Here, the second saying applies. At the beginning of the year, when you have a study material like FIITJEE ARCHIVE (PCM) in your hand, coupled with your determination and strong will, be diligent in forming the strategy for cracking IIT JEE.

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