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Ved was an average teenager with above average dreams. He struggled through the grades, scoring on an average mere 70%. His classmates were hitting skyscrapers scores like 92% or 93%. He was demotivated already and things worsened when he scored 35 in math in periodical tests in class 11. He only had one wish which he upheld in his tender heart for 2 years i.e. to clear IIT JEE advanced exam. After scoring 35 in math, he got disappointed and took to bed. The parents didn’t help, the society didn’t help. All pointed out the negativity. He stared at his JEE books for maths for 2 minutes, felt the pain thinking of the moment when he brought home his books for JEE preparation. He slowly closed his eyes and slept. He woke up to a circle of bright light, which told him that his wish of cracking the JEE advanced exam will be fulfilled if he reaches a particular place by following the instructions provided by the circle of bright light. The bright light told him that once he reaches the place, his IIT JEE seat is guaranteed. Ved was ready, he started following the instructions. It was full of hurdles and obstructions, steep mountains which he had to climb, rivers full of alligators he had to cross, under water diving by holding breath and many more. Ved managed to survive every hurdle, he fell and fell again but like an ant he kept trying and finally reached his destination. All he found there was a stack of books. There were JEE mains books, books for jee advanced and those included some of the best IIT JEE books which he bought for himself. Ved was shocked and called for the bright light. It appeared. He asked, “What is this? You told me that I will clear the IIT JEE exam but all I got here are the IIT JEE books which I bought for myself.” The bright light said,” See! you got chemistry IIT JEE books then math IIT JEE…”.”Stop joking !”, Ved interrupted. The circle of bright light said,” Try to remember the point from which you started. There were fatal obstacles and hurdles but despite all odds you reached your destination. This shows your killer instinct and this was the treasure.” Ved said, “How am I going to clear the JEE mains exam with this killer instinct.” The light said,” It is all you require to clear the JEE mains exam. Do not let it die. You fell down from the apex of a mountain, but you climbed it again out of your desperation. When you didn’t give up there why are you giving here?” Eyes opened and Ved woke up. He promised himself that he won’t cower by the failure. He went to the study table, picked up his math jee book and started solving the questions.

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