IIT JEE (Mains & Advance) 37 years chapterwise-topicwise solved papers 2015-1979

Author : Amit M Agarwal
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Set of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics books with explanation and questions..

bx-zone.com says :-
When I was a misguided, unsophisticated, beardless teenager, I once thought of preparing for JEE. Somebody misled me to believe that solving only the solved papers will do. I ran across the town to borrow IIT JEE physics previous years solved papers because for rest of the subjects I arranged the papers from my own cousins. I practiced and practiced but soon I realized that I was following the wrong approach. Clearing concepts, studying from a good study material, studying hard, solving all questions are few steps that need to be taken before jumping on to solving iit jee solved papers. So, if you have done everything in your capacity, that means you have solved iit jee chapterwise questions, the entire iit jee study material out there, have solved majority of the problems multiple times, covered all concepts in the textbook and are now planning to look into the solved papers then you must click on the ‘contact owner’ button above to buy them at a smashing discount of 29% or you can also hit the button if you want to gift them to your sibling for their bright future.

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