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These are FIITJEE's entire packages for chemistry along with JEE Mains and JEE Advance Archives.. says :-
Chemistry is a unique subject whose scope covers an intriguing aspect of how compounds are composed. Chemistry makes you know about the elements available on the planet using the periodic table, something that is one of the gifts of the student life. Molecular structure, reactions, molality, characteristics of elements are things, to name a few, that adorns this great subject. When you study chemistry for IIT JEE or for your NCERT board exam, try studying it as a gift given to you and you will definitely start enjoying the subject. The IIT JEE chemistry is divided into 3 branches – 1) Inorganic Chemistry 2) Organic Chemistry and 3) Physical Chemistry. If you haven’t already heard about it then let me tell you that Chemistry section is one subject in which you can think of scoring more marks than in IIT JEE physics and mathematics. This is mainly possible using two if its branches – inorganic chemistry and physical chemistry. For both these branches before you switch to any other reference books you must thoroughly read the NCERT textbooks of class 11 and class 12 because time and again, it is proven that at least 5-6 questions in Inorganic chemistry are asked directly from the NCERT chemistry textbooks. You are certainly going to enjoy Physical chemistry if you have got understanding of the concepts of physics, if your concepts of Newton’s 3 laws of motion are clear, if you are a master of the concepts of thermodynamics or hydraulics as what is physical chemistry, it is the study of chemical systems in terms of the concepts and the principles of physics such as motion, force, energy, time, thermodynamics, mechanics etc. Then comes the most interesting branch of Chemistry – organic chemistry. Organic chemistry is like mathematics in which you read a concept and get better at it by solving questions, you can’t memorize mathematics other than the formulae. Same is the case with organic chemistry, you read basic concepts, you understand basic reactions, chemical compositions, characteristics of carbon-related compounds and then you have to do a lot of practice to get better at it. For organic chemistry, I would suggest that you do a lot of questions of intermediate to hard level difficulty from major reference books and after that you solve many previous year question papers of IIT JEE to check your understanding. You can also take help from FIITJEE Chemistry study material because FIITJEE’s study material provides excellent IIT level questions for thorough preparation.’s online used bookstore has a lot of study material and second hand chemistry books on sale at big discounts for you. For instance, check the discount on this listing which is 86%, if you want to buy it then hit the button above.

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