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Complete Advanced java kit by NIIT.Negotiable.good for beginners and working people to ukskill themselves. says :-
NIIT (National institute of Information technology) was set up two IITians in the year 1981 as a solution provider in the world of IT education. The seed capital was 10 lakh rupees. Even though NIIT has ventured in several areas but its core services include skills and talent development. NIIT has ventured into two lines of businesses. Number 1 is corporate learning group that provides training to the corporate staff of the companies of North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Number 2 is Skills and careers business that provides a variety of training programs to individuals who are students and corporate learners in the areas of information technology, banking finance and insurance, soft skills, digital marketing etc. At the time when IT industry was booming, NIIT training had a big name in the market. Schools and colleges enrolled to NIIT programs and it was only in my school when I first heard about NIIT. NIIT is a brand when it comes to skills development. It has stretched its wings even in the banking jobs exams now. The other day I was searching its website for Java course and I found 4 NIIT Java course programs. Well, it’s always better to enroll in the course and take the lectures from the experienced and skilled faculty members but in case you are interested in the Java course content of NIIT and are willing to prepare on their own then you can buy the NIIT Kit. As you can see that in this book listing, NIIT Kit is available at a discount of 60% in the city of Pune. This NIIT kit provides you the Java course NIIT content in a single package, if you a little programming experience then the Java course content of NIIT is sufficient for you to succeed as a Java developer.

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