Author : Norman Mailer
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A sensational novel on Marilyn Monroe's life. From Childhood till death, a peek into the starlet's life.. says :-
The first of anything be it a trend, or technology is always remembered. Marilyn Monroe was one such first of the changing trends of the yesteryear times because of which she is still remembered as one of the most popular culture icon. Known commonly as ‘Blonde Bombshell’, Marilyn was the highest paid actress in Hollywood for nearly a decade whose films grossed over 200 million dollars at that time. But very less people know that she was raised in Orphanage and foster homes, despite that she became a star in the Hollywood, how? When was Marilyn Monroe born? What caused Marilyn Monroe death? To get answers to all curious questions like this and the ones popping in your head we suggest you read Marilyn Monroe biography. One such biography of Marilyn is the one listed above available at a discount of in the city of only in the used bookstore of

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