Revolution 2020

Author : Chetan Bhagat
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Mumbai Fiction
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Like him or dislike him for his writing style, but Chetan Bhagat as a novelist has succeeded beautifully. His novel ‘Five point someone’ became an object of mouth-to-mouth publicity which is the hardest level of marketing according to the experts. Well, he released back to back many novels all of which were converted into movies. Now, this surely gives an evidence that Chetan Bhagat novels are loved are reside in the hearts of millions of Indians. Here is a complete list of novels by Chetan Bhagat – 1) Five point someone 2) The 3 mistakes of my life 3) 2 States 4) Revolution 2020 5) One Indian girl 6) One night at the call centre 7) Half Girlfriend 8) Girl in Room 105 9) One Arranged Murder 10) What young India wants 11) Making India awesome 12) India positive: new essays and selected columns book. Out of all this – One arranged murder is the latest novel of Chetan Bhagat published and released in 2020 which also happens to be the sequel of his 2018 novel ‘The Girl in Room 105’. I believe that Chetan Bhagat is one of the top Indian fiction authors whose content is loved by thousands and thousands of Indian readers. In the revolution 2020 novel, Chetan Bhagat beautifully portrayed a love triangle, totally different from how it is portrayed in the Hindi films. It is about two friends driven by their ambitions who want so much from their life and a girl Aarti, who happens to be the love interest of both. One of the friends wants to get the country rid of corruption rapidly and thus, gets into an ink tussle with the politicians and businessmen who through their blatant misuse of power make him lose everything, while the other chooses the quick way of immorality to rise high in life and thus, one day they cross paths with each other. Revolution 2020 is a captivating drama which will make you yearn to flip the next page till the time you reach the end. The ‘Love corruption ambition’ tagline falls fit in the storyline which seems very real and splendid. I recommend it as a must read for all the bibliophiles. It was published in 2011 but if you haven’t read it till the year 2020 then just hit the ‘contact owner’ button above.

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