Mannu Bhandari ki Yaadgar Kahaniyan

Author : Mannu Bhandari
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India got its independence in 1947, but the shackles around women were not removed completely. Sati Pratha was abolished long back but hundreds of thousands of women had to make a compromise in education, had to marry early with no time given to them to blossom their dreams. Back then, the gender equality was a far cry and their condition was not as good as it is currently. But post-independence rose people who vowed to change the condition of women. Some started reforms and movements, others took to ink. These people who used ink featured women under a new light; they portrayed women as independent and wiser individuals. I consider Indian female authors as the pioneers who led this movement through ink; I am even considering writing a long blog featuring the famous Indian female authors because I see there is very little material on them, but in this short blog I will throw light on one of the best Indian female authors - Mannu Bhandari. She is an Indian author whose works primarily focused on the changing moods of Indian society; the journey towards modern India and she beautifully portrayed the daily struggles of an individuals in her stories and books. Mannu Bhandari was born in the year 1931 and grew up in Rajasthan. She pursued MA in Hindi language from the Banaras Hindu University and started working as Hindi professor in Baliganj Shiksha Sadan of Kolkata. Her first story ‘Main haar gayi’ was published in 1957, after she published her first novel ‘Ek inch Muskaan’ in 1961, her husband Rajendra Yadav also had co-author contributions to the same. ‘Ek inch muskaan’ was a hit and is still loved in the Indian reading fraternity which portrayed a love affair between a man and a woman. The cynosure of this novel was the dialogues between the men and women of the novel. So, this was Mannu Bhandari ka ‘jivan parichay’ or Mannu Bhandari biography in short. The bookseller in this book listing is giving you Mannu Bhandari stories at a discount of 50% and in order to buy it just hit the contact owner button.

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