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Author : Ranjeet Shahi
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The book is in almost a new condition, never really used or studied with. Not even name is written. No highlighter, pen or pencil used.. says :-
Many students while they begin their IIT JEE preparation give a lot of importance to the IIT JEE previous year question papers. The other day I heard a student asking to one of my IITian friend that would it be enough to crack the JEE mains exam if he just solved the IIT JEE chemistry previous question papers of 20-30 years. He asked specifically about chemistry because he finds his weakness in JEE chemistry syllabus. To which my friend simply replied ‘No’. In the year 2018, JEE mains gave its toughest chemistry paper to the JEE aspirants. Only those who had cleared their concepts properly and who practiced questions of varying difficulty levels were able to solve the paper. Speaking of the chemistry section of the JEE mains exam – although IIT JEE chemistry previous years question papers play an important role in the preparation but your preparation must not be only based on solving them. Your preparation should start from reading and studying the NCERT textbook of chemistry of class 11 and 12 thoroughly, then you must go through a good IIT JEE study material after which you must solve countless chemistry questions of easy, intermediate and advanced level. Organic chemistry which students find the trickiest can only be perfected by solving and practicing tons and tons of reaction mechanisms and chemical reactions. Once you have accomplished these two important tasks of your JEE mains preparation then you should pick the previous year question papers of JEE mains. The job of the JEE previous year question papers is to give you an idea about the exam pattern and prepare you for the exam day on which confidence matters equally as knowledge. Also, nobody can deny the fact that JEE mains and JEE advanced papers sometimes ask questions similar to the questions they asked before so solving the previous question papers has this advantage too. In fact, people who design the JEE advanced paper generally give questions from some specific topics. You can identify these topics by solving the JEE solved papers of previous years. However, these solved papers will give their true value to you only if your concepts are strong and you have practiced enough number of IIT level questions of chemistry, physics and mathematics. This method – not only for JEE chemistry but mathematics and physics too - if properly and diligently followed complimented by determination then it can fetch you an AIR within 5000. The moment you have got an AIR of less than 5000 then your chances of cracking the JEE advanced increase to 95%. Also, if you are looking to buy the IIT JEE chemistry previous question papers second hand and at deep discount then you can hit the contact owner button above or visit the used bookstore as there are plenty of JEE previous year question papers available for sale in there.

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