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bx-zone.com says :-
Years ago, there was a ritual among class 12 students while they started preparing for the engineering entrance exams. The ritual was to always buy the universal self scorer of the three subjects, that means, the physics universal self scorer, the one of maths, and of chemistry. The seniors told that the more you do the universal self scorer chemistry, physics and maths, the better you become at cracking the exams. However, one thing which they never told and which I tell you from my own experience, reading surveys and talking to many students who cleared IIT, is that no preparation of IIT JEE mains exam comes to effect unless and until you first clear the concepts present in the ncert textbook for class 12 and class 11. After you have read the entire textbook and solved the RD Sharma maths class 12 and class 11 ( I am talking only about Maths now), then the next in your IIT JEE exam preparation line comes solving the Universal self scorer errorless mathematics. The Universal self scorer will never let you down; for the state engineering exams it is really a boon handed by the god himself. The learning happens basically through questions and answers pattern, and universal self scorer does a great job in bringing several questions as well as their answers from each chapter of the syllabus. It doesn’t fall behind in keeping the questions according to the trends seen in the recent IIT JEE exam. If you solve this entire book of universal self scorer maths then your confidence level will drastically rise to the highest levels. Cracking state engineering exams will be a piece of cake for you, the chances of clearing AIEEE as well as IIT JEE exams will increase significantly too. All these factors make it one of the best books for IIT JEE mains preparation and since, it is available at a discount of 44% you should click the ‘contact owner’ button right away.

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