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In best condition.There are 9 packages. Contact number 9893193116. says :-
The big question that students face after clearing class 8 is whether to join any IIT JEE institute for early preparation of IIT JEE exam. If you think that you are an average student then starting early is the best way to prepare for JEE mains and JEE advanced exams. There are diverse opinions when it comes to joining an IIT JEE coaching institute like FIIT JEE at such an early age. Experienced students say that they feel too much pressure of studying for the tests along with their class 9 NCERT syllabus. At the age 14, students should dedicate a lot of time to the extra co-curricular activities as well but joining an IIT JEE institute barely gives you time to play or indulge in them. So, experienced students, who have joined FIIT JEE or any other institute in class 9 say that it’s not worth that much. They also say most students join because of the peer pressure. FIIT JEE class 9 study material prepares you more for the NTSE exam rather than the IIT JEE exam. The study material of FIITJEE, however, makes you familiar with some the basics of some advanced topics of class 11th and 12th. But, like I said before it is largely NTSE exam oriented. Even though, the fiitjee classroom study package prepare you more for the NTSE exam than the JEE mains exam but it is worth having on the study table. What I am indicating is that if you dream of cracking the JEE advanced exam and want to start early in class 9 then rather than joining FIIT JEE institute you take to self-study. And, to make your IIT JEE self-study possible you should get the FIIT JEE classroom study package from somewhere. You can get it from senior students or you are welcome to buy it from at a discount of 88%. You can already see the price on this listing, the discount is so big. If you study from the FIITJEE study package class 9 on your own then you can focus on your NCERT syllabus of class 9 properly and can dedicate sometime to your IIT JEE or NTSE preparation. Most of the preparation of JEE mains and JEE advanced exam starts in class 11th so by that you can make your basics strong with the FIITJEE classroom study package.

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