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Six different books which are mut for an IIT aspirant recommended by everyone . says :-
What is your revision strategy for IIT JEE? Are you going to do it from the IIT JEE revision notes or you have something else in your mind to do the revision? Revision is perhaps the most important stage in the preparation for JEE mains and JEE advanced exams. Your IIT JEE revision plan must start at least 3 months before the day you are going to write the JEE mains paper. You can’t afford to skip this stage of revision, because doing so will be like throwing your money – which spent on IIT JEE preparation and application form – in trash. An important tip which should be there in your IIT JEE revision plan is to note down those numerical problems and topics in your IIT JEE revision notes that you think you will need to revise. You have to do this activity while you solve them the first time. Don’t pick up these notes after six months, rather, pick your notes and revise the same topic and numerical problems two weeks later. Revising the concepts in such a manner won’t take much time and won’t be a cumbersome task either. This will complete iteration of revision. I recommend you to perform 3 more such iterations at an interval of 2 weeks. This is going to strengthen the concepts in your mind and will probably make them unforgettable. You need to keep in mind which subjects require the most revision. For example- a lot of revision is required in Inorganic chemistry. Thus, instead of starting the revision of Inorganic chemistry for IIT JEE, apply the technique I described above. Physical chemistry is another subject that needs revision so, start making the IIT JEE notes of the same. Make these notes such that once you go through them you shouldn’t feel the need to go through the books. There are numerical problems which are the building blocks of the next difficulty level of problems. Identify such problems in the topics of both mathematics and physics. You want to write them down in your IIT JEE revision notes and revise them from time to time. If these numerical problems of mathematics and physics are on the top of your head, then you won’t face the difficulty in solving new numerical problems. For formulae and basic reaction mechanisms, you can make flash cards or simply rely on the IIT student handbook. You can get IIT hand books of JEE mains and JEE advanced from bx-zone at a big discount. You can see above that the bookseller is giving away the IIT student handbook, in fact 6 such books at a discount of approximately 90%.

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