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Highky Exam oriented books with theory in short and clear and 2000+ MCQs. says :-
Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison, Isaac Newton all have one thing in common – physics. Physics has led to many inventions, which in turn, have made economies of several nations much more powerful. May be this is the reason why it is given so much importance in the iit jee exam conducted every year. Any student dreaming to study in IIT must give proper focus to physics because questions asked in iit jee physics section of the exam are very practical and are mostly oriented towards real life applications. The chapters which cover 70% of the iit jee physics syllabus are Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism. Even most of the questions in the physics section are asked from these topics only. Most of the students who have cracked the JEE exam follow one key strategy which is, instead of covering all the topics of the iit jee physics curriculum they master those which are quite important like the ones I stated above. But of course, study them from the best book for iit jee physics. One of the best books of all time is HC Verma Vol1 and Vol2, and you can also refer Resnick Halliday Walker. After you have mastered all the iit jee physics syllabus, your time calls for immense practice and thus, you can refer Narayana IIT JEE physics which consists of thousands of MCQs for you but less of the theory. This was a brief information on how to study iit jee physics. Available at a discount of 87% only on

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