New Pattern Objective Physics,28 Years IITJEE Physics Arihant, New Pattern IITJEE Physics Arihant, T

Author : DC Pandey,SK Trivedi,Dr. S.L.G
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All the books are for aspirants preparing for IIT and other engineering entrance examinations. says :-
You can see that so many books for IIT JEE preparation are available on sale at a discount of 60% in the city of Gurgaon. You can also see that these IIT JEE books belong to different publications and different authors, means they are diverse. Not only you can use them to prepare for JEE mains exam but if you are looking to appear in other engineering entrance examinations then these books will serve you there as well. IIT JEE physics is a tough subject and is a hard nut to crack. You have to first master the theory, clear the concepts and thus, use them to crack the numerical questions. Once you have mastered the theory you can crack any question of the JEE mains paper. But, not just by reading from any book you can clear your concepts, there are some special IIT JEE physics books which you need to keep on your study table in order to be an expert to crack the JEE paper. Here is a list given by the JEE toppers of the best physics books for IIT JEE which you can utilize to your advantage – 1) Concepts of physics (volume 1 and volume 2 by HC Verma – doesn’t matter which book you choose from the entire list but the book of HC Verma for IIT JEE is a must have if you are an IIT JEE aspirant. The sharp edge required in Physics can only be achieved through this book. 2) Fundamental Physics by Halliday, Resnick and Walker – the best thing about this book is its high quality problems and the end of chapter problems. 3) IIT JEE previous years question papers of 35 years by DC Pandey 4) Problems in Physics by A.A Pinsky 5) A collection of questions and problems in physics by L.A. Sena 6) Advanced level physics by Nelkon, Micheal, Parker, Philip 7) Physics (vol I and II) by Paul A.Tipler 8) Problems in General Physics by I E Irodov 9) Handbook of Physics (Arihant experts) 10) Understanding Physics for JEE Main and Advanced Mechanics part 1 2021.

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