Chemistry for IIT JEE

Author : Tata McGraw Hill
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Excellent condition and great book. 2012 edition. The book is very detailed. . says :-
A lot of students while beginning their IIT JEE syllabus have an undisputed question of which is the best book for chemistry for IIT JEE. Internet has too much information because of which confusion arises, what happens after that is students buy a lot of reference books and try to refer to all them for one particular topic. This leads to wastage of time and the results suffer. If you ask me then the best book of chemistry for IIT JEE is NCERT chemistry textbook. If you compare the Inorganic chemistry questions asked in the JEE mains paper with the concepts and theory given in the NCERT textbook then you will find that around 6 out of 7 questions (a number generally asked) appear directly from the NCERT textbook theory. The same is the story in the JEE advanced paper. Out of the 5 Inorganic chemistry questions you will find 4 asked directly from the NCERT textbook. The point is that you begin from the NCERT chemistry textbook and perfect it before moving to other books. You will find a lot of questions in JEE mains and JEE advanced of physical chemistry section covered by the NCERT chemistry textbook so perfecting NCERT increases your chances of cracking chemistry for IIT JEE. When it comes to organic chemistry then I will recommend you to study theory and concepts from the NCERT chemistry textbook. But, organic chemistry for IIT JEE requires practice for which you can take up Soloman"s organic chemistry, organic chemistry by MS Chouhan, Himanshu Pandey etc. Chemistry for IIT JEE by Tata McGraw Hill is another book that you can refer to after you have studied the NCERT chemistry textbook. This book is very detailed and studying it is like revising the concepts and numerical problems. This book for IIT JEE chemistry is available at a discount of 36% in New Delhi. The crux of the matter is that in order to master the IIT JEE chemistry you must master the NCERT chemistry and then pick up other books.

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