Medicine Prep Manual for Undergraduates 4th edition

Author : K George Mathew and Praveen Ag
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A minimally used book in excellent condition. This book is extremely helpful for final year medical students who are preparing for exams and cannot effort to go through Harrissons Book of medicine.. says :-
Medicine preparation manual for undergraduates written by Praveen Aggarwal and George K Matthew is one of the key books for the undergraduate medical students as well as for dental students. It is also a must-have for all those students who are pursuing nursing.’s used bookstore provides you second hand medical books listed by the medical students all across the country, so you will find second hand medical textbooks as well as medical entrance exam study material at discounted prices here. Medical students have to study the hardest. Yes, I will use the superlative degree because this profession demands meticulous study as it is always the question of a human’s life; during graduation times medical students give their everything to books in order to grasp all the concepts such that they can score good in exams, but the curriculum of medical students is so lengthy that it becomes difficult to revise everything just a week or a couple of weeks prior to the exams. When you consider the medicine subject in mbbs then it has to be studied by all, which includes dental and nursing students as well. The syllabus of medicine is so large that medical students find this mbbs subject very tough to revise completely before the exams. This is where the medicine prep manual for undergraduates comes to help. This book can be used to revise the syllabus of medicine a week prior to the exams. The content of this medical book is in questions and answers format which greatly helps preparing you with the mindset of question paper which you will be writing in the exams. If you’re wondering whether this medicine prep manual contains diagrams, flow charts and tables to help you memorize the concepts/content then I tell you that they are there to help you. The goodreads review of Medicine Prep Manual for Undergraduates 4th edition is 4.2/5 and combined with all the other features described above it makes it one of the must have for all the medical students. Also, remember that is the answer to a common question ‘where to find medical books near me?’

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