IIT Mathematics (Problems Plus)

Author : A Das Gupta
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For JEE Main & Advanced, More than 5000 problems, ISBN 13:978-81-7709-657-6 (2016 print, used book in good condition).

bx-zone.com says :-
IIT mathematics is vast but interesting. There are topics like Algebra in which chapters like determinants, Cramer’s rule, progressions, and equations set the mood. Once you catch the momentum you can keep doing the problems of these topics for hours. Indeed, such attitude is needed to crack IIT JEE mathematics. Then comes Trigonometry followed by coordinate geometry. Even if you are remotely thinking of being an architect or a space astrophysicist then give special attention to chapters like heights and distances, Trigonometrical inequalities and inequations, circular functions, parabola, circles, transformation of axes etc. Even if you master all of them you cannot forget calculus – the most interesting and important topic – mastering chapters like differentiation, indeterminate form, maxima and minima, definite integral, indefinite integration, integration by substitution, methods of integration , Lagrange’s theorem will give an edge to you in the JEE mains exam and the JEE advanced exam. Give a finishing touch to your IIT math preparation by learning chapters like product of three vectors, addition of vectors, application of vectors and by any chance if you are thinking of becoming a highly paid data scientist in Amazon or Netflix then study probability from depth. Honorary mentions under probability include multiplication rule probability, Bayes Theorem, Conditional probability. I have been telling you to master these topics but what is the trick to do it? The trick is to solve around 10000 questions on all of these chapters. The book Problems plus in IIT mathematics will help you achieve this goal. The problems plus in IIT mathematics by A Das Gupta provides you invaluable and innumerable exercises for each of the topics under the purview of IIT JEE mathematics syllabus. This book gives you tips and tricks along with formulae required to solve the questions pertaining to a topic. On bx-zone, it is available at a discount of 50%. It gives you numerous practice questions to solve along with the necessary hints. Don’t think that the Problems plus in IIT mathematics A Das Gupta doesn’t provide you the solutions to the questions it poses to you, it does. Overall, this book is a gem. When you are serious about mastering IIT JEE mathematics then you must aim to solve this entire book. This book definitely helps you learn and revise the concepts of mathematics.

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