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If you want to make a career in Information technology or Computer science then you can’t afford to take RDBMS casually. Even if you master a couple of programming languages, you will always work on enterprise applications where you will find the need to store the data. This is where database is necessary. You can’t understand and work on any database if you don’t understand the RDBMS concept. The RDBMS stands for Relational Database management system in which some important concepts like ACID properties, and normal forms must be understood by any computer graduate. Another concept which is hot in the market is database programming. You can access and manipulate data using the structured query language (SQL) but in order to do some complex operations like conditional processing of data, running iterations on the available data, you have to learn database programming. Stored procedures allow you to do database programming. You can integrate the SQL and write stored procedures performing complex but useful operations on the database. With time more and more database programming languages have evolved. These languages provide lots and lots of libraries to perform tasks of high complexity with much ease. Python is one of the database programming languages which is hot in the market. Nothing will replace databases for a long time, an alternative to them will take a long time to form. No SQL databases like HBase and MongoDB have come in the market but they are still databases. Thus, you need a good book or a set of books in order to get a good idea of the RDBMS, database programming and SQLs, this book listing provides you the complete set of NIIT books related to databases which you can utilize to your advantage at a grand discount of 85%. To buy them, hit the ‘contact owner’ button.

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