Mathematics for IIT JEE

Author : Tata McGraw-Hill
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Old book for IIT JEE Mathematics Preparation published by Tata McGraw-Hill . says :-
One day, a friend of mine, who is a Chartered accountant, thought of studying space science. He started exploring multiple books related to space. Gradually, he thought of getting into the technical aspects of it. The mathematics related to space science is a world in itself. My friend started feeling the heat of different asteroids especially in mathematics. His knowledge of Mathematics was not keeping well with the Mathematics that is needed to study space and building rockets. One of our common friends suggested him to study mathematics for IIT JEE. He told him that IIT JEE mathematics serves as the foundation stone of the advanced mathematics required to build satellites and rockets and study black holes. So, the next question in front of my CA friend was how to study mathematics for IIT JEE. He became so obsessed with space that he even thought of hiring a maths tutor for IIT JEE. But, after some research and plenty of suggestions from his friends which included me too he started studying from the book ‘mathematics for IIT JEE by RD Sharma’. The man solved the entire book within a year and I tell you he got ahead of all of us in mathematics for IIT JEE. Not only in IIT JEE maths but in mathematics subject overall. The man became an expert in differentiation, integral calculus, coordinate geometry, equation of line, quadratic equations, complex numbers and a lot of topics of the IIT JEE Maths syllabus. He even knew maths tricks for IIT JEE which he started sharing on IIT JEE forums. He got a lot of praise from JEE aspirants for those. The reason I told you this story of my friend is that never throw off the IIT JEE maths handwritten notes of yours because they will serve you for the rest of your life. You may never know if in future your interest arouses in building rockets or building F1 cars, I am sure IIT JEE mathematics will serve you there. While you are doing the IIT JEE maths preparation you must keep this in mind. It will bring additional motivation to you.

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