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Very useful for JEE mains and Advanced preparation Suggested by toppers Useful for JEE Mains, Advanced and other engineering entrance examinations. says :-
JEE Mains exam acts as a gateway to the JEE advanced exam. Besides, it also acts as a gateway to the premier engineering institutions in India such as Indian institute of Petroleum and Energy, Indian institute of Science Education and Research, Indian Institute of Science, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of petroleum technology etc. The name FIITJEE is popular among JEE aspirants. FIITJEE study material for IIT JEE is considered as one of the best. But, different students have different styles of preparation. Some enroll to a coaching and follow their lead, some buy best books for IIT JEE, JEE study material and JEE solved papers to study from them, while some just read from the Internet and resort to preparing from PDFs. For the category 2 and category 3 aspirants, the common question is how to get fiitjee study material at a discount? Most of the students who resort to self-study have this common search term on Google ‘where can I get fiitjee study material?’ The spectrum of the answer is not wide but quite narrow. You can either ask a senior or any acquaintance from whom you can borrow the material. Or, you can visit a second hand books market in your city to try your luck. Or, simply go to the online second hand bookstore of and search for the IIT JEE study material or simply perform a search using FIITJEE or FIIT JEE. As a result of your search, you will get hundreds of FIITJEE study material for JEE mains and JEE advanced. Open the ones which you like by clicking on them and hit the contact owner button to get in touch with the bookseller. All these study material and books of IIT JEE are used only by their seller, hence, their condition is ‘almost new’. The best part is that you can check their condition while you buy and pay the bookseller once you are satisfied.

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