Vogue India- Dec 2013

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For the fashion enthusiasts and design students searching for previous issues of Vogue The Vogue India-Dec 2013 .

bx-zone.com says :-
There was a time when fashion for students was considered a taboo. It was meant to take their mind away from studies, but this couldn’t stop fashion among students to spread. Fashion spread so much that it became one of the most profitable industries in the world and it also attracted many students to lean towards it and become the coolest fashion students. When fashion students say that ‘I am in fashion’ it sounds very cool as if someone who is doing his/her dream job. One really envies them. And one more thing which makes us envy fashion people more is a ‘fashion student portfolio’. A stupendous fashion portfolio makes one’s eyes grow wider and wider and makes them think why they also don’t join this global group of fashion students, well, the good part is that you can enter the fashion industry anytime, all you have to do is create your own portfolio by learning it. A great source of learning fashion is books for fashion designing. If you’re searching for fashion designing books online and have got an ignited passion then what is better than old vogue India magazine. You can really learn a lot from Vogue India magazines; my mindset changed dramatically when I found out vogue magazine acts as one of the greatest fashion illustration books. Till now, I kept myself to seeing the Vogue India cover out of curiosity to see which actor/actress from Bollywood made it to the cover. Get this Vogue India- Dec 2013 only from the used bookstore of bx-zone.com and if you’re seeking other fashion books online then we have older vogue magazines for you on sale at some cool discounts.

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