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These Fiitjee packages are of pinnacle course which is a school integrated course and has better books.There are a total of 111 books divided into 7 phases which covers all chapters of class XI and XI.. says :-
When you are real serious about scoring high in JEE mains and JEE advanced exam you keep looking for better preparation options. In this case, you can choose the FIITJEE pinnacle program. We all know that FIITJEE is one of the best IIT JEE institutes in India but the FIITJEE pinnacle program is the best among the best. In this article, I am going to tell you all about the FIITJEE pinnacle program. For sure this article will help you clear the conflict of FIITJEE pinnacle vs classroom program in your mind and will make your life easy. So, like I mentioned earlier if you are real determined to get into IITs then you should opt for this program because it is an integrated program provided by FIIT JEE that helps you in many ways. First of all, you don’t have to go to the school and the tuition separately. Students who go to school and then coaching get little to no time for self-study which they always complain about but the FIITJEE pinnacle program gives you plenty of time for self-study too. One of the main features is that in a pinnacle program class you won’t find more than 30 students. When the class has merely 30 students then it becomes obvious that the students will get more focus from the faculty. In this case, you can get your doubts solved with ease because there is no rush of moving to the other topic. You can also stay back for doubt clearing sessions after the class. The FIITJEE pinnacle program covers the preparation of both the board exam and the IIT JEE exam. FIITJEE puts some of their best teachers in the Pinnacle program. As per the students who are studying in the program they are more skilled in both teaching and problem solving than the teachers of the FIIT JEE regular class program. FIITJEE has collaboration with certain schools in the country and only by enrolling in one of them you can choose to study in this program. However, with so many pros associated, the FIIT JEE pinnacle program is more expensive than the regular classroom program but at increased cost it offers a hassle-free IIT JEE preparation. Speaking of the FIITJEE pinnacle fees, the Two Year Integrated School Program for JEE Advanced(Regular) will cost you Rs 3,03,00 and Two Year Integrated School Program for JEE Advanced(Economy) will cost you 2,29,000. This program is indeed better for JEE preparation. Also, if you are looking for the FIITJEE pinnacle package solutions then you can easily get it a discount of 93% on All you have to do is press the ’contact owner’ button above.

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