IIT JEE books 9th to 12 th full set

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Would like to offer these books free to under privileged and deserving students.

bx-zone.com says :-
Could anything be more holy than simply giving your books away to those who cannot afford them? In this book listing, the user of bx-zone.com wants to give his/her IIT JEE books to someone who both deserves them and cannot afford them. IIT JEE is no ordinary dream. You have to really believe it to crack both JEE Mains and JEE advanced exams. While most students face the challenge that they have to study, work hard, give mock tests, write the exam to get into IITs, there is a set of students for which the challenges are harder. Their first challenge starts when they have dreams of studying in IITs and they do have the talent but don"t have enough money to enroll in a coaching institute or even buy IIT JEE books for preparation. These kids are indeed underprivileged and need real empowerment. All they wish for is to get the IIT JEE best books for preparation from somewhere so they get the resources to fulfil their dream. The IIT JEE preparation books in this listing of the used bookstore of bx-zone.com span the syllabus from class 9th to class 12th. If you check the author then you will know that these are books and IIT study material provided by the VidyaMandir classes. You are going to find the IIT JEE study material provided by VidyaMandir classes suitable for a class 9 student as well as the IIT JEE study material used by a class 12 student to prepare for the JEE exams. I would say that if you believe in your dream of studying in an IIT and you believe in your talent but you just are short of money to buy the required books and study material to convert your dream into reality then you should hit the ‘contact owner" button above. However, if you can afford to buy IITJEE advanced books, IITJEE mains books and other study material then perhaps you should not click on the button above, rather, you must search the used bookstore for the study material and books you need because you are going to find them all, in great condition and at big discounts. Also, if you know a person or a friend of yours who is in need of IIT JEE books but can"t pay for it then you must share this post (url) with him/her or better simply tell them about it. I hope that through the second hand bookstore of bx-zone.com, IIT JEE books 9th to 12 th full set reach the right and the worthy buyer.

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saimadhu302@gmail.com I really want those materials,could you please consider giving them to me . I'm from an average college without even basic jee coaching . I've scored 9.7/10 in ssc and 455 /467 in 11th board exams.