The Leader Who Had No Title

Author : Robin Sharma
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The Leader Who Had No Title is a motivational novel written by one of the world's most highly respected leadership experts Robin Sharma. Talking about all those leaders who were not honored in their conven. says :-
The Robin Sharma books are helping individuals around the globe to elevate their life, bring in positivity to the stressful life they go through and be a leader of their own lives. The Robin Sharma 5am club was the first book I read of this author and it immediately made me change my habit of sleeping late and wake up at 5 am to take full advantage of the morning energies. Well, let’s talk about this book The Leader Who Had No Title by Robin Sharma, I have read this book too and find it one of the best self help books. Reading ‘The leader who had no title’ taught me multiple things but one of the most important things which I remember as of now is that strive to be better than the yesterday and make it a habit. Even if you’re living a good life and had a good yesterday, try to have a better today and positive changes will slowly start seeping inside your life. The way I formed this mindset as my habit is by telling this to myself every morning, the forces of a beautiful super computer provided by the almighty in our head known as ‘mind’ will then exert all its forces to make that happen. Anyone who asks me to recommend them some self help books to read, I definitely tell them to read this book. The Leader Who Had No Title is basically a parable in which the young protagonist who is living a life full of suffering and pain is taken by his father’s friend to four different people who are leaders in their lives without bearing any so called title. The protagonist then learns very important lessons of living a happy life and also realizes that neither power nor too much money is needed in order to lead a prosperous life but what is needed, are some changes to the self. Get this Robin Sharma masterpiece from the used bookstore of at a discount of 66%.

(500 chars only) is book still available for sale? i am interested to buy! Interested in buying this book if you can courier me or speed post me..I can paytm you the amount in advance.