New Pattern IIT JEE Physics

Author : DC Pandey
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My sis used these books for IIT prep. She got into IIT. So, selling these books.. says :-
New Pattern IIT JEE Physics is one book over which you can rely upon for the physics section of the JEE mains exam. New pattern IIT JEE physics is divided into 2 levels. The first level contains questions for JEE mains exam and the second level contains questions for JEE advanced exam. However, when you solve the first level of questions dedicated to JEE mains and all questions of the second level as well then you are prepared to crack the JEE mains exam (only). Even though the second level (JEE advanced) has got questions tougher than those given in the first level still my opinion is that this book New Pattern IIT JEE Physics by DC Pandey is not enough to crack the JEE advanced exam. But, at the same time I would say that this book is enough for JEE mains. For JEE advanced preparation, you can use the study material of IIT JEE of any reputed institute such as FIITJEE or resonance coupled with this book of DC Pandey, followed by JEE previous year question papers. If you do so then you have a good chance of cracking the JEE advanced exam with a great AIR. Also, if you are not willing to use any IIT JEE study material then I would say you buy objective physics by DC Pandey. The theory of the concepts given in this book is incredible and on par with that provided in HC Verma. There is another book by DC Pandey that provides JEE advanced level questions; the book name is 500 selected problems in Physics by DC Pandey and Arihant for JEE mains and Advanced. Solving this book completely will prepare you well for the JEE advanced exam. So, following the DC Pandey"s objective physics for theory, new pattern IIT JEE physics and 500 selected problems in physics books in this order will fetch you an AIR between 2K and 3K. Most of the IIT JEE toppers suggest that the combination of DC Pandey books + study material of resonance or FIIT JEE + previous year question papers is a better one. This combination can get you an AIR of 500. Anyways, DC Pandey book is needed to prepare for IIT JEE physics whether you choose any combination and you should buy it from because you are going to save a lot of money; you can see above that it is available at a discount of 59%.

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