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FIITJEE STUDY MATERIAL BOOKLETS ARCHIVE GMP for p, c, m and their solutions in extremely good condition . says :-
FIITJEE is the best institute for preparation of IIT JEE in India. What makes it the best is its study material, its faculty and even the students studying in its classroom programs. Even though I have described FIIT JEE as the best institute for IIT JEE preparation but still many students would have doubts in their minds like ‘Is FIITJEE good for IIT?", ‘Is FIITJEE study material sufficient for IIT?" etc. I am trying to clear all your doubts in this article. Whether you have enrolled in FIITJEE"s classroom programs or you are studying for IIT JEE without coaching, FIIT JEE study material for preparation of IIT JEE is must for you. Why? The material of FIITJEE has been designed after extensive research by some of the best brains, some of whom have been IIT JEE toppers too. I have found out the team which designs the IIT JEE study material goes through a lot of previous year question papers, a lot of popular classy reference books of physics, chemistry and mathematics to put down the theory and the questions which you see in its study material. So, rather than asking - is FIITJEE study material for IIT JEE enough to crack JEE mains and JEE advanced exams you should ask yourself – how can I finish the FIITJEE study material for IIT JEE faster? Trust me, you will be in a much better place. Yes, FIIT JEE study material is enough for the preparation of IIT JEE but you need to complete it with discipline. You should be willing to put in effort and time to cover it completely. While solving the questions provided in the study material, you must invest significant amount of time on figuring out the solution on your own by applying the concepts. Only when you see that the time spent in a question has exceeded a certain threshold level you should go and see the solution provided. Why I am saying so is because you will deal with a lot of frustration when you have read the concepts but you are not able to solve the IIT level questions based on the same. At that time, you should not give up and keep going with hope in the heart. Let me also tell you that only a handful of students are able to solve the entire IIT JEE study material of FIITJEE institute which is why, I am re-stressing on finishing the material question by question. The last step in your preparation using the FIITJEE study material for IITJEE is extensive revision of what you have studied. The hard work and the time that you put in for solving the entire study material will go in vain if you don"t do revision because you won"t remember half of the things you studied so diligently. Therefore, timely revision of the theory you have studied and the IIT level questions that you have solved from the JEE study material is important. I am sure that you are now convinced to buy the FIITJEE study material for JEE. If you are looking to buy it at a discount then we have it for you. As you can see, this book listing is also available at a discount of 77% in the city of New Delhi. All you have to do to buy it is hit the button above.

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