Algebra for iit jee

Author : KC Sinha
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New condition book. Available for sale. IIT JEE Preparation.. says :-
The weightage of algebra in JEE advanced exam is more or less 15%. Around 6 questions on an average are asked in the JEE advanced exam from this cool topic of Algebra. This makes Algebra for IIT JEE one of the important topics that you as a JEE aspirant has to master. A lot of students prefer referring to other books for specializing the topics. Nothing is wrong in this strategy unless you have first covered the NCERT textbook, and your coaching material. But, which is the best book of algebra for IIT JEE? Some honorable mentions from my end will be SK Goyal, Higher Algebra by Hall & Knight and Algebra book for IIT JEE by KC Sinha. When you are preparing Algebra from the perspective of clearing the JEE advanced exam then I would recommend you to get your hands on KC Sinha"s Algebra for IIT JEE. The Algebra book for IIT JEE by KC Sinha is the best book for building concepts of mathematics. The book contains subjective questions on Algebra so for a JEE aspirant preparing for the mathematics for JEE advanced exam, this book is nothing less than a boon. The questions of algebra provided in this book are of various difficulty levels, which is what a student looking to perform well in the exam requires. If you have done this book once and have revised it properly then the 6 questions of algebra in the JEE advanced exam are sealed for you. The competitors of this book are Cengage and SL Loney. You can prepare for algebra for JEE mains exam as well as JEE advanced exam by going through Cengage as it contains MCQs in line with the exam pattern of JEE mains exam. On bx-zone"s used bookstore, Algebra for iit jee by KC Sinha is available at a discount of 62% in Mumbai. To buy this book directly from its owner, you can hit the contact owner button above. I would recommend you to use this book for algebra preparation only when you have completed NCERT book and IIT JEE study material. All students who are confident with their JEE mains exam and want to practice IIT JEE algebra questions of higher difficulty than asked in JEE advanced exam must definitely buy this book.

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