physics IIT JEE (XII syllabus )

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One year old. Good condition. Set consist of six books of physics(XII)IIT JEE. Package contains good no. of questions which would help u to prepare well for iit. . says :-
One thing which can stop from clearing the IIT JEE exam and you need to pay attention to it diligently is that do not seek too many tips from too many people. Gather some tips in advance and stick to them. Do not digress because seeking too many tips causes distraction which is fatal for the IIT JEE exam. One more thing which you can’t ignore is that you must keep your study to each topic time-bound. I want to highlight a case in which a student started practicing the JEE advanced physics electricity and magnetism questions from different books. The student had an inclination towards electricity and magnetism, so he started from the same topic. He didn’t keep the time limit and spent a large amount of time in finishing the physics iit jee questions as well as NCERT book questions of this interesting topic. And what happened next? He didn’t get enough time to complete the other topics and physics for iit jee is not just limited to electricity and magnetism. Thus, he ended up messing up the paper. Therefore, you don’t need to overdo anything. You gather some cool tips at the start of the year and write them in the physics IIT JEE notes or you can note them down in a paper along with time schedule of each topic and put them in your physics IIT JEE books. Another important thing to keep in mind is that you need to do the JEE preparation of physics from two angles. One by reading, studying and second by learning from lectures. Never skip the physics IIT JEE lectures in your coaching classes. If you haven’t enrolled in any coaching classes then start getting the lectures from YouTube. Last but not the least, choice of books matters. Cengage physics IIT JEE books are quite famous and right for JEE advanced physics preparation. HC Verma physics is also one of the best, both in theory and questions. Arihant Physics by DC Pandey is also referred by many IIT Toppers. In addition to these books, Resnick Halliday Walker is also a book which provides intriguing explanation of the theoretical concepts of physics. Also physics IIT JEE (XII syllabus ) by Narayana IIT academy is another fabulous study material for physics which you can consider. But before all of these, study and solve the NCERT physics book for class 12 and class 11. In your journey through these books, you will solve a lot of JEE advanced physics questions.

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