The Richest Man in Babylon

Author : George Samual Clason
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The Richest Man in Babylon. says :-
Written around a century ago, Little before the Great Depression arrived, this book teaches your personal finance or may I say, finance management. A fictional character from Babylon is the narrator of the book and if you’re a regular book reader then you can finish this book in just one sitting, at the end of which you’ll feel about yourself as well read, a notch up in finance. It tells you lessons on how to earn money and save as well as what to do to create wealth in long term. It is a ‘good to have’ book in your bookshelf, perhaps, that is why the person making the wish needs it. Fulfil this book wish if you’ve The Richest Man in Babylon and you don’t intend to read it again. Share what you already read with someone who is seeking to buy it at low price through, your own 2nd hand bookstore.

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